History made in Bolivia today!

The signed document handed to us by the Director of the Department of Education

Greetings Friends,

We have some exciting news to share today in regards to our work in education! We praise the Lord that after some years of persistence we were able to sign the long awaited for education agreement with the local Government! This agreement will be instrumental in that we can now meet the government standards, and have our students legally registered, while giving us, (or any other Mennonite groups in Bolivia) the freedom to run and administer our own schools. This is historic. We believe it will be the beginning of a new era on the colonies. It is the door to change that many are waiting for. The agreement does not obligate anyone to change but it is a tool that can be used by those that are looking for it.

Praise the LORD for his faithfulness! Thank you Arlie Peters (School Director) for all your hard work. Thank you Klaus Remple from Chihuahua, Thank you Benny Remple, and so many more that have spent many hours and dollars in working towards this day.

Arlie Peters will be sending out and posting some more information and details on this in the near future, but for now… Celebrate with US!

David Janzen, MEM Bolivia – Field Director

The signing committee at the Santa Cruz Education Office

  1. Jim Wiebe says:

    This is wonderful news!! Praise the Lord!! Thanks for staying persistent, God Bless, have a great celebration!

  2. Tracy Dueck says:

    Woohoo! That’s great. So excited for the work that is happening at the school.

  3. Lil Goertzen says:

    That is very exciting! Congratulations! Thank you Lord, for answering prayers!! Enjoy your celebration.

  4. John and Naomi Hall says:

    Great news! We too give thanks to the Lord and to all of you who have been so faithful and persistent in realizing this important goal. You are to be commended. This should prove to be an important tool in ministering to the colonies of eastern Bolivia.

  5. kathy Thiessen says:

    whoppee prayer is finally answered.thanks for your pereverance,
    we just don’t give up EVER

  6. Ken Zacharias says:

    Education is so important and we are grateful that this important document has been signed with the local government!

  7. Anthony Reimer says:

    Praise the Lord! We rejoice with you!

  8. Jake & Dorothy Fehr says:

    This is so exciting Praise the Lord. You have all worked hard and the Lord is blessing you. So happy for you.

  9. Frank and Margaret Bueckert says:

    We are praising the Lord with you for the great things that are
    happening in Bolivia.

  10. Kevin & Caroline Hiebert says:

    We’re celebrating with you! God is good!!!

  11. Diedrich Dyck says:

    Praise the Lord. He is good and all the glory belong to Him.

  12. Neta Banman says:

    That is very exciting new!!! That will change the out-look on life for many people in Bolivia.

  13. Bill & Lillian Fehr says:

    This is so good. Praise the Lord!!!

  14. Arlene Friesen says:

    You all look pretty happy! Probably pinching yourself to see if this is real. Praising God with you!

  15. Mary Reimer says:

    that is wonderful news, they do need the education so bad, praise the Lord.

  16. Cornie and Helen Rempel says:

    God is Good ,We thank you Lord, and praise your Holy Name Hallelijah You poeple do a wonderful work ,keep plowing away . THANK YOU…

  17. Rudy and Erna Friesen says:

    Way to go!!! Thank you all for your hard work. This will truly be life changing for many. Celebrating this HUGE accomplishment with you!

  18. Ross and Joy Ackerman says:

    Praose God for answered prayer

  19. Bill Wiebe says:

    I was introduced to the Bolivian work right at the beginning when I started to follow Jesus. I’ve been praying for that work all these years, and I still do. Praise God for this breakthrough. It reminds me of the parables that Jesus told about how the Kingdom growns, and in some places ever so slow. But working in God’s Kingdom has rewards.

  20. Martha Martens says:

    Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.

  21. Jerry & Marjorie Hildebrand says:

    We thank the Lord with you and will continue to pray and thank for what the Lord is doing in Bolivia among our people.

  22. Jerry & Marjorie Hildebrand says:

    We praise and thank the Lord and will continue to do so. This is such a big step for our people in Bolivia.

  23. Darius says:

    PTL! God is good. We are rejoicing with you from the far off land of China!

  24. Margareta Loewen says:

    Praise God , Thank you for your hard work to, Thes is so exeiting.

  25. Wilhelm Goertzen says:

    I’m glade to hear that some other people do the same as we at Beuna Vista
    did, The School at Beuna Vista is Registered with the Government of Bolivia,
    That happened back in Year 2000. (History?) sorry I don’t understand,
    But I’m very glad to see that the School system in Bolivia among the Mennonite Colonies is bettering, Hallelujah!

    • David/Lisa Janzen says:

      Mr. Goertzen,
      Thank you for your encouragement, just a bit of clarification, The “History made” is not concerning the registration of the school but the signing of the agreement, (convenio) with the government. Our school in Villa Nueva was officially registered with the Department of Education last year already, and in previous years was running under the umbrella of a school in Pailon so that the students would receive there official report cards (libretas). There are 3 ways that a school can be legally registered here, 1.) as a public school, in which complete control and ownership is with the government, 2.) a private school, where it is treated as a business and has to pay a lot of taxes to the government, as well as being very closely monitored, and 3.), a school under special agreement which is what we want, it gives us a lot of freedom as spelled out under the agreement, but does not exempt us from meeting the government standards as required by the new “education law” which came out approximately a year ago. Places like Colony Chihuahua, and Nueva Estrella will be coming under this agreement immediately and there are others that have expressed a lot of interest now that the agreement is official. Blessings!

      David Janzen

  26. Jim says:

    So encouraged to hear of the work going on in Bolivia. So white are the fields, so few are the workers.
    On a musical note, would somebody please send me the lyrics to “Ekj ran un jaw nich opp” ? Thank you. You guys did a great job on that song and video.


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