Annual and Financial Reports

2015 Year-End Reports from related Agencies

EMMC / Go Mission! connects with a variety of related agencies. The reports provide you with an overview of their activities. If you would like more information regarding the work and mission of these agencies, please contact them directly.

As we receive more reports, they will be added to this web post.

2015 Eden Health Centre Annual Report
2015 Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan Report

November 2015 Financial update

EMMC / Go Mission! Financial Update for November 2015
2015 November Summary.xlsx for Praise and ponderings

2014 Financial Statements

EMMC Audit 2014

EMMC Summarized Audit 2014

2013 Financial Statements

EMMC Audit 2013

EMMC Summarized Audit 2013

2013/2014 Approved Narrative Budget

Go Mission Narrative Budget 2013-2014

2012 Financial Statements

EMMC Audit 2012

EMMC Summarized Audit 2012