Policies and Guidelines

Missions Service Policy Manual – Under Review

Salary Scale 2015/2016

Professional Development Policy

Termination Policy

Many of our churches and individuals participate in short-term mission opportunities. The Aylmer EMM Church in Ontario has created a policy for their congregation, and have graciously granted permission to share this document more broadly. This document was developed around the local church being the ‘sending’ agency. This is a guideline and can be adjusted to individual congregation needs and opportunities.
Short Term Mission Trip Policy- Draft

Serving on a board, whether it be for your church, community or another organization, there are some general guidelines that apply to all of these situations. Be a GREAT board member, and step into your role by understanding what is expected of you and how your participation can benefit all those around the table.
Serving as a Board Member handout

If your church does not have a Safe Church Policy in place, here is a draft from one of our churches to help you get started.
Safe Church Policy

Helpful information for all church board members and treasurers.
Why Should Church Books be Reviewed Every Year?

Check out this video on how to improve communication at church meetings.
Crucial Conversations

Archiving Church documents and how EMMC Home Office can help!
Church Archive Instruction