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In Acts 2 we read how the church generously shared  their goods and service with each other so that no one was in need.  We desire to cultivate a spirit of generosity.  This is our opportunity to practice community by learning to give and receive freely.

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Praise, Prayer and Pondering – January 27, 2017

Information from our churches, missionaries and upcoming events.

Providence Public Lecture Series
Praise, Prayer and Pondering – January 12, 2017

This is the first Praise, Prayer and Pondering email of 2017. We are sharing a host of opportunities where you can get involved, attend and pray. Check it out!  

THE GATHERING 2017: 20/20 A Clear Vision of the Gospel
Treasured Foundation 2016 — happening December 28 to January 1

Visit the Treasured Foundation 2016 page or click here  for all the information. The bus departure schedule, event schedule, communication with leaders is all there in one place! There will be 255 students, leaders, band members, committee members, speakers and … Continue reading

Praise, Prayer and Pondering, December 7, 2016

This email is sent to those who subscribe to this weekly information piece. It contains information from mission workers, ministries, churches and individuals. If you would like to sign up to receive this free service, email lil@gomission.ca and request to … Continue reading