Low German / Plautdietsch Ministries

We are passionate about reaching out to this special ethnocultural group because we recognize the need and because of our common roots which give many of us a special connection and opportunity.

The Places & Opportunities

Pailon School Student Subsidy

Making education possible for Low German speaking Mennonites.
$ 1,460 raised.
Low German Bolivia

The breakdown in religion and education has left many in this area in great poverty.  We are partnering with others in bringing new hope through intentional discipleship, education and economic development.

The school in Villa Nueva (Pailon) is growing.  Each year another grade is added, and they celebrated their first Grade 12 graduation in 2012.  There are currently around 150 students.  Facebook Page

San Jose Ministry (Bolivia)

A new ministry outreach in this community.
$ 2,105 raised.

A new outreach has begun in the San Jose area in Bolivia.  Bill and Martha Kehler started their ministry in that area in February 2011.  In April 2012, a work team went to San Jose to help build a ministry centre.  This centre provides resource materials in both Spanish and Low German.  The Ministry Centre provides a place of rest and renewal for people from the surrounding colonies as well as the many guests that visit the Bolivia ministries.

Read Jack Heppner’s reflections on the current Bolivian Mennonite situation.


Low German Belize/Mexico South

Our churches in Region 6 are strategically reaching out to their surrounding communities with the good news of Jesus.  Follow their most recent church planting efforts and find out how you can help by going to their page.  Check out their blog in the sidebar on this page.

Low German Mexico North

Our church plants in this region have matured and become their own conference (Conferencia Missionera Evangelica or CME).  We maintain a close connection through EMC missionaries and continue to help in many practical ways. Click here to visit their website.

North America

Southern Alberta Ministry

Support a growing church plant in Vauxhall, AB.
$ 0 raised.

In Canada, the greatest needs and opportunities seem to be in the southern Alberta region. We are partnering with the churches in that region and a new church plant was started in September 2010.
The congregation is patiently waiting for their new pastor couple to move into the community in mid-July 2016. They will be assisting this congregation and their focus on reaching Low German speaking Mennonites in the Vauxhall area.

Low German / Plautdietsch Resources and Connections

Steinreich Bibelschule

A Bible School in Steinreich, Chihuahua, Mexico with a focus on discipling and preparing Low German Mennonites for ministry.  Diedrich Harms, our conference leadership development person, is actively involved in teaching and recruiting students for the school.

Low German Translation Work

Many of the people in this ethnic group have not had the opportunity to learn to read their heart language – Low German or Plautdietsch. Realizing that resources in Low German are very limited, we have assembled a group of dedicated individuals to be part of a translation team. This team is currently working on projects that will provide study material for our Low German friends.

Books & Resources currently available in Low German

Daut Christliche Läwen

Daut wieetvolle Läwen

Life of Christ books 1-4

These study books / workbooks are designed to be used in a small group setting. A great way to teach, learn and disciple.

All of these resources are available by contacting info@gomission.ca or call 204.253.7929 in Winnipeg Manitoba

Low German Translation Guidelines

Low German Radio Ministries


Other Low German Radio Ministries:
De Brigj – 105.9 FM in Aylmer, Ontario.  Email:  radio@debrigj.org

De Stemm – 105.5 in Shipyard, Belize