Low German / Plautdietsch Resources

Translating resources into Low German takes the dedication of a team of volunteers. Their commitment to providing good quality study material includes the actual translation, proof reading and discussion to ensure the text will be understood correctly. The translators follow a set of guidelines to ensure consistency in word usage and spelling.

Low German Translation Guidelines

Working together with individuals and organizations assist with promotion and distribution of the materials.

To obtain any of the Low German resources listed, contact the Go Mission! Home Office at 204.253.7929 or info@gomission.ca

Daut wieetwolle Lawen (The Abundant Life) – workbook
Daut Christliche Lawen (The Christian Life) – study book frequently used for baptism preparation

The Life of Christ study series by SEAN (Study by Extension for All Nations) is a 6-workbook series. Translation of books 1 through 4 is complete, and work is progressing well on book 5. This course is designed for group study and discipleship.

Christus sien Lawen, Bauk 1 (Life of Christ, Book 1)
Christus sien Lawen, Bauk 2 (Life of Christ, Book 2)
Christus sien Lawen, Bauk 3 (Life of Christ, Book 3)
Christus sien Lawen, Bauk 4 (Life of Christ, Book 4)

Hilda Friesen our main translator, holding a copy of "Christus sien Lawen", Book 1, with Lil Goertzen.

http://plautpot.net/ – Hia es aule sorte Plautdietsch / a centre for Low German resources of all kinds.