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Sext Up Kids – The White Elephant in the Room

SEXT Up Kids – A CBC Program – aired on Feb. 23.

You can see the promo or the full version of the program by clicking on the link above.  This is adult material and must be viewed prayerfully.

How can we as a church gather the wisdom and courage to respond to this great need and opportunity in “my world”? This isn’t Africa, this isn’t Turkey – this is real need right here in our homes, churches and communities. God help us respond in wisdom and compassion.


Intimate Portrait of “Mennonite Women”

Intimate Portrait of Mexico’s Mennonite community

Yet another person deeply curious about us and our lifestyle. How do we see each other? How could we foster these relationships of trust among our friends and relatives?

Changing Times

As communities change people have to learn to adapt to the changes.  When we fail to adapt, we feel attacked and we have to choose to react or respond.  The community of Shipyard is changing rapidly, and we are seeing some people react and others respond to the changing times. In this edition of The Belizean Link you will read about seekers choosing to respond to change by searching for truth and others reacting to pressure.

The Belizean Link